Cheree is a very experienced, enthusiastic teacher whose passion about Iyengar yoga is compelling and encouraging. Her teaching style is thoughtful and accommodating different levels of yoga experience. Cheree’s humorous nature makes yoga great fun. At the end of each class I feel vitalised and I am always looking forward to the next session! ~Natasha Latto

Cheree’s infectious energy and clear, detailed instruction will help students of all levels deepen, expand, and refine their practice of yoga. In her classes, I felt cared for on every level, which gave me the space to challenge myself and go beyond my expectations. ~Wayla Chambo

I have known Cheree for about eight years. During that time, she has instructed me in more than two hundred Iyengar yoga classes. Cheree has an intuitive knack for understanding both the physical and mental strengths and limitations of each student. She instinctively knows precisely when to encourage gently or with humour and when to exhort the student to push harder (in my case, the strong task master approach was necessary). Yoga classes with Cheree are not easy and they demand a willingness to embrace subtle physical changes. Her classes run counter to the mainstream yoga instructional approach that holds “whatever you feel comfortable with is OK.” Students who study with Cheree learn the safe way to practice correct alignment in poses. Cheree’s overseas move may be a loss to the yoga community in North Texas, but it certainly is a major win for yoga students in England. While I miss her weekly expert yoga instruction, her clear alignment directives still resonate with me each time I practice yoga. From the perspective of this long-distance bicyclist in his late-fifties, Cheree is an outstanding person and an even better yoga teacher. ~Craig Bower

Cheree is a wonderful Iyengar yoga teacher. She teaches with intelligence and clarity with an amazing eye for detail while helping every student find improvement in their yoga practice. ~Karen

I was 42 years old when I started my yoga practice with Cheree. The decision to take up Yoga was brought on by pinching a nerve in my back that caused crippling pain in my leg. A doctor fixed the nerve pinch and told me the only way to not have it recur was to take up Yoga. I started the next day. Thanks to Iyengar and Cheree I am now 46, in the best shape I have been in in 20 years, and in no pain at all. We all get older and things start to creak. Iyengar yoga is not a cure for old age, but it is getting older on your terms and getting out of bed in the morning feeling good. ~Mike Winkler

Cheree is skilled and passionate teacher. She explains each pose in detail and takes the time to provide feedback so you can learn how to perform each posture in proper alignment. By working toward proper alignment I have gained strength, agility and flexibility. Her ability to see what each student needs and help them achieve the best possible pose is truly remarkable. I leave each class feeling more self-aware both physically and mentally and I gain a deeper understand of asana through her instruction. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her for many years. ~Carinda